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Sedation Dentistry Massapequa

Basic Information about Sedation Dentistry Massapequa

Sedation Dentistry Massapequa

Sedation dentistry in Massapequa offers both the patient and the dentist several advantages while the dental treatment is going on.

If you fear of having your teeth cleaned or extracted; and the worst is when you are prevented to visit the dental clinic since you feel the anxiety thinking about dental procedures; sedation dentistry in Massapequa can address these dilemmas.

Sedation dentistry makes use of medication that will make the patients feel relaxed when undergoing the dental procedure. It takes different levels: minimal sedation (you are fully awake but relaxed); conscious sedation or moderate sedation (designed for you not to remember the procedure process); deep sedation (you are at the point of unconsciousness but you can be awakened); general anesthesia (the patient is unconscious).

The Types of Sedation Dentistry Massapequa

Not all dentists can perform sedation. The dentist must have completed the program, Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA); and usually those who have this are the dentist anesthesiologists and maxillofacial surgeons.

When the doctors necessarily have you sedated, any of these types can be used:

Oral. This can be minimal or moderation sedation which involves taking a pill an hour before the dental procedure will begin. You are still awake with this sedation but you feel dizzy; and for moderate sedation, you will be taking in more dosage in order to fall asleep but once someone shakes you, you will be awakened.

Inhaler. This involves the use of mask containing nitrous oxide and is placed on the nose so you will get relaxed. This is for the purpose of having minimal sedation. The effect of the gas lasts for a very short period so the dentist should make sure the procedure is done in least time.

IV. IV is more moderate sedation where in the drug passes through the veins so patients will be sedated immediately. Sedation dentistry of Massapequa applies IV sedation in any condition and dosage is adjusted as the need arises.

General anesthesia. You will have dental procedure while you are deeply asleep. The patient cannot be awakened until the sedation drug wear off. This is for the purpose of deep sedation.

Patients to Have Sedation Dentistry Massapequa

People would not like to the dentist due to uncontrollable fear of having dental procedures; thus, sedative dentistry is helpful. For those patients who only have lesser pain threshold; have anxieties when sitting on the dentist’s chair; have sensitive gag reflexes and sensitive teeth; and will undergo a dental procedure for longer period, sedation dentistry in Massapequa is recommended.

You may be wondering is sedation is good for children. Oral sedation can be done but should be done by a trained pediatric dentist. There is a particular recommended dose for the oral sedation which should be proportionate to the weight and age of the child.

Take to your dentist for the possibility of having sedation dentistry in Massapequa on the dental procedure you will undertake. If your dentist does not perform sedation, he may refer you to a qualified dentist.
Sedation Dentistry Massapequa