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When patients seek dental services, they evaluate qualities of both the dentist and his team.  A dentist Merrick who has a weak team could lose patients. Therefore, it is important for the dentist to select team members that has qualities such as good communications skills, friendly, and knowledgeable among others. The first step in putting together a good team is to have clear guidelines. These guidelines indicate what an employee should do concerning the different activities at the office. This way, if a member of the team does not adhere to these guidelines, the dentist would be justified to reprimand that member.

A dentist Merrick should hire the right personnel

Sometimes a person might not be the right addition to a dentistry office team. This could be for a reason such as that person having different career ambitions. Therefore, it is important for a dentist Merrick to thoroughly evaluate the suitability of an individual before hiring him. This evaluation could include finding out about such a person’s background and contacting his previous employers. Moreover, it would be important to seek an opinion of a few other team members about the suitability of such an individual. When the dentist finds a good match for his team, he should orient the newly hired person.