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People have long understood the power of a beautiful, bright white smile. They have been working hard to achieve that brilliant Hollywood smile long before dental health professionals began marketing their ability to provide dental bleaching services. However, now that dental bleaching is a mainstream service, dental professionals now have a better platform for advertising their wares: customized digital imaging.

cosmetic-dentist-digital-imaging-bellmorePictures have a way of communicating a message to consumers in a way that words can never achieve. That’s why, marketing customized digital imaging dental services to patients, such as dental whitening which shows potential clients what their results can be, is the best way to bring them into your practice. Digital imaging offers you the ability to do just that. Imagine having the ability to show a potential patient the dramatic impact that dental whitening, veneers, dental implants or other products and services can have on the life of someone who has struggled with missing, misshapen or dingy teeth. Digital imaging software makes it possible to show a customer exactly what their end result will be, giving them a real glimpse into what cosmetic dental procedures are capable of achieving.

What Digital Imaging Can Do

Digital imaging is the ultimate virtual reality experience. Showing patients what the end result of a procedure can be, digital imaging software allows them to “see” the results firsthand, which, in turn allows them to make more informed decisions about their dental health and will allow them to participate more fully in the decision making process when it comes to their cosmetic dental options.

cosmetic-dentistry-bellmore-digital-imagingFor example, take the case of someone who has struggled with misshapen teeth or large gaps between teeth. This patient may very well be a great candidate for veneers in order to maximize vertical dimension while instantly straightening teeth and closing unsightly gaps. However, he or she may be reluctant to try such an expensive procedure because they are unable to see their smile in any way other than how it is now. With digital imaging software, this patient can now “see” the end result of a veneer application on their own teeth, which may help them make the decision to go ahead with the procedure and change their look and entire outlook on life. The same can be said for any patient with cosmetic dental needs.

Bellmore Family Dental is proud to offer digital imaging services to their clients and encourages them to explore their dental health options during their next visit by calling 516-781-7567.